Our Products

Decas cranberry products

Our Products

Decas is continually innovating to expand our offerings of value added healthy products to help our customers succeed. Our products are divided into three primary markets: Retail, Industrial, and Foodservice.

Retail. Decas’ Paradise Meadow has expanded beyond our well-recognized fresh fruit product to include traditional and reduced sugar premium dried cranberries.

Industrial. We offer food manufacturers the highest quality sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs), cranberry concentrates and cranberry paste.

Foodservice. We’ve developed new products and formats that will inspire chefs to add that tart-sweet cranberry flavor to both food and beverage menus.

Purchase: Enjoy Decas' retail lines of dried cranberries. Click to purchase Paradise Meadows Lean Crans and Omega Crans, as well as our newest line, Funny Face Dried Cranberries - a low-sugar snack for kids dedicated to the idea that healthy eating can (and should) be FUN!