Always Moving Ahead. Always Improving.

healthy omega 3 cranberry oil

Always Moving Ahead. Always Improving.

New processing techniques, innovative harvesting methods and cutting-edge products have put Decas products at the forefront of the cranberry industry.

Our ongoing commitment to new product development keeps pace with market needs. New Decas products include a range of reduced sugar, omega 3 infused and flavored dried cranberries as well as innovative new foodservice products help customers stay ahead of the curve.

Research & Development Is The Key

Decas has developed a sophisticated R&D operation overseen by experienced food scientists. This capability is the key to Decas’ extensive and innovative product range: over 30 varieties of sweetened dried cranberries for industrial and retail markets; and quality cranberry juice concentrate for the private label and retail beverage markets.

When it comes to fulfilling customer needs for innovative products Decas goes above and beyond with its accomplished technological capabilities. This resource is differentiated by a customer-intimate approach in which our food scientists and other Decas staff work closely with customers to deliver precisely the right product in a timely fashion to meet market demands.

Key Certifications:

HACCP BRC Kosher Halal Organic  Non-GMO

Processing Cranberries The Decas Way

Decas has leveraged its advanced cranberry science and traditional cranberry knowledge gained over 75 years to produce and sell a wide range of highly successful and groundbreaking cranberry products into a variety of food applications, from juices to nutritional supplements. Here’s how we do it: