Cranberry Factoids

Cranberry Factoids

Cranberries and Your Health

What makes cranberries healthy?

Cranberries contain nature’s most powerful antioxidant, proanthocyanidins Type A which are unique to cranberries. This compound has antioxidant and anti-adhesion properties which have been shown to help fight certain harmful bacterial.

How many sweetened dried cranberries should I eat in a day to get my antioxidants?

In order to receive the many health benefits of cranberries, you can eat as little as 1.6 oz. (40 grams) per day.

How do cranberries compare to other berries in terms of health benefits?

Cranberries contain more proanthocyanidin antioxidant than any other berry per serving.

How many sweetened dried cranberries do I need to eat to get the same UTI benefits as one 8 oz. glass of cranberry cocktail?

According to leading health researchers, 0.7 oz. of our sweetened dried cranberries is equivalent to an 8 oz. glass of cranberry juice cocktail with 27% juice.

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Growing Cranberries

Why can’t I buy cranberries all year?

Cranberries are only harvested in the fall. We recommend stocking up around Thanksgiving and freezing some berries to use throughout the year.

How do cranberries grow?

Cranberries grow on vines that run along the ground. The vines produce a bud set where the actual berry is produced.

Where are cranberries grown?

Cranberries are grown in “bogs” or “marshes” – areas of wet, spongy ground. The bogs are generally surrounded by dams to aid in irrigation, flooding and harvesting.

Can I grow cranberries in my backyard/window box?

Cranberry plants have very specific soil and drainage requirements and generally do not fare well as “house plants.”

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Cooking with Cranberries

What are some of the uses for cranberries?

There is a wide variety of uses for cranberries. They can be used in sauces, chutneys, relishes, dressings, juices, breads, muffins, cakes and cookies. Many people also use raw cranberries for crafts. They can be strung with popcorn for a natural garland and as a bright addition to wreaths.

How do I prepare cranberries for cooking?

Start by sorting out and discarding any soft berries and stems. Rinse the remaining berries in cold water, drain and use as the recipe directs. If using frozen cranberries, do not thaw them before using.

If a recipes states to use “1 cup cranberries, chopped”, measure the cranberries first and then chop them.

How long can I store fresh cranberries in the refrigerator? In the freezer?

Fresh cranberries can generally be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Cranberries freeze well and can last up to one year in the freezer. Do not thaw the cranberries before use. Just wash and pick them over discarding any bad berries, if any, and use them as you would use fresh.

Can I substitute sweetened dried cranberries for fresh cranberries?

Yes! If a recipe calls for one cup of fresh cranberries you should use ½ cup of sweetened dried cranberries.

Why won’t my cranberry sauce gel?

Boiling is a critical step in making cranberry sauce. It is advisable to cook the sauce for at least 10 minutes at a full boil. It is also important to let the cranberry sauce cool to room temperature.

Can I double the recipe to make more than one batch of sauce at a time?

It is not advisable to double the recipe because there are many factors involved and may affect the sauces ability to gel. We advise making separate batches.

Can I use less sugar in my cranberry sauce?

Yes, but the sauce will not be as firm as if it were made with the full amount of sugar.

How do I make cranberry sauce using an artificial sweetener instead of sugar?

Make the sauce as you normally would, but add the sweetener to taste after the sauce is completely cooled.

Can I dry cranberries using a food dehydrator?

Our sweetened dried cranberries are made using a heat infusion process. Many people have tried to dry cranberries at home with poor results.

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